Winter Garden Myths

Learn Winter Garden MythbustersThe internet is a thing of wonder, a wealth of information, and a lot of adorable animal videos. With unlimited access to unlimited information, it can be a little overwhelming. And we’re all out here trying to do our best. With so much information coming at us, it can be hard to know what you need to do to keep your lawn and gardens happy and healthy. As a result, many of us – Hi! It’s me! – take a standoffish approach to our winter lawns that may, unintentionally, be doing more harm than good. 

So, let’s bust some of the most common winter garden myths. 

It’s winter. You can take the season off from weeding. 


The truth is, weeds never sleep. Perennial weeds, those that grow year after year, are still there; they just may not be growing as quickly as they do in the warmer months. Winter weeding is a great opportunity to get outside on a sunny day for some much-needed vitamin D and clean up those beds and yards.

Herbs cannot survive the winter months. 

FALSE (and sort of TRUE) 

It depends on the herb. Rosemary, oregano, bay, and other perennials won’t miss a beat. The Elsas of the herb world, the cold never bothers them. Basil, on the other hand, will immediately give up at the first sign of the cold. The good news is, herbs also grow fairly well indoors; so, if you love fresh basil, start a kitchen herb garden. 

Keep your grass cut short over the winter. 


There is no need to change the cutting height during the winter months. The grass will grow much slower in the winter, so you won’t have to mow as often (hooray) – this does not mean you should completely let your lawn go (boo) – just like in the warmer months, regular maintenance is important. By cutting your lawn too short, you risk exposing roots to the extreme cold, leading to a patchy, dead lawn later in the year. 

Do you have a garden myth you’d like busted? Let us know about it! Email your favorite myths, wives’ tales, or gardening tips to seedsowmagazine@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in the next issue. 

Ryanne Harper




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