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Location Spotlight: Bulk Feed

For folks who raise cattle, autumn signifies the beginning of feeding season. Grass has dried up and died, so the...

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Feeding Goats: Winter Forages

Goats are ruminant animals who eat plants and digest them through a four-compartment stomach. They are more like deer regarding...

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Pick Up Straw Bales at Farmers Co-op

Pick up straw bales at your local Farmers Co-op.  Straw has many uses in the fall and winter months. Create...

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Fortify lifelong immunity through nutrition

Fortify lifelong immunity through nutrition A key to healthy cattle? Look at what you feed them. Morbidity and mortality in...

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Managing Cattle During Drought

Managing cattle during a drought isn’t fun at all. Depending on the length of the drought, cattle must be culled....

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Fall Gardening Tips

What you need to be doing during the next few months to prepare for your fall garden and your flowering...

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Cutest Pet Contest – Vote Now!

Our entries for the Cutest Pet Contest are below! Several customers submitted photos to use for our contest that was...

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Fish Stock Deliveries At Farmers Co-op

Farmers Coop offers convenient fish stock deliveries at several locations around eastern Oklahoma, the River Valley, and NW Arkansas.  Stock My Pond and...

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Pond Stocking Deliveries Canceled

Scheduled pond stocking deliveries for several of our stores for the week of September 13-16, 2022 are canceled. Stock My...

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The Inside Scoop On Dirt Nutrition

Have you ever looked across the fence at your neighbors' yard or garden and wondered, "why doesn't mine look as...

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