Bag Feed

Purina Equine Senior Product Paring. Feed for senior horses.Farmer’s Coop stores carry a full line of  livestock bag feed for cattle, horses, swine, sheep, poultry, goats, fish, deer, rabbits, exotic animals, and wild birds.

Custom mixing available at our Van Buren location. Bulk feed delivery available throughout most of the River Valley, Northwest Arkansas, and Eastern Oklahoma.

Cattle Feeds

Brands of Cattle Feeds we have available at Farmers Coop:  Purina, ADM, MFA, and Riverstone (Farmers Coop House Brand) Farmers Coop is...

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Horse Feeds

Farmer's Co-op is proud to provide our house brand of horse feeds, Riverstone, and Purina Mills horse feed. For more...

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Poultry Feeds

Farmer's Coop offers a large selection of Poultry Feeds from Purina. Find out more about Purina Poultry Feed on their website. Poultry...

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Sheep & Goat Feeds

Farmers Coop is your source for sheep and goat feed and supplements. Farmers Coop also has veterinary supplies, including wormers,...

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Small Animals

Caring for your small animal is vital. Farmer's Co-op carries a large selection of feeds for small animals and Wild...

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Swine Feeds

Farmers Coop is your source for swine feed and supplements. Farmers Coop also has veterinary supplies, including wormers, fly control...

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Show Feeds

Do you or your child participate in 4H or FFA programs?  Let us know!  Farmer's Co-op carries specialty  Show Feeds...

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Exotic Animals

Have an exotic animal? Farmer's Co-op carries Mazuri Feeds.  Looking for a feed for special exotic animals?  Let us know!...

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Wildlife Feeds

Farmer's Co-op carries products and feed for Deer, Game Fish and Game Birds. A properly designed and implemented supplemental feeding...

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