Cutest Pet Contest – Vote Now!

Our entries for the Cutest Pet Contest are below! Several customers submitted photos to use for our contest that was promoted in the Spring Seed & Sow Magazine. Now it’s time to vote! Select your entry from the photos below and let us know who you think should win! The winning photo will be featured in the fall edition of Seed & Sow, and its owner will receive a gift card to Farmer’s Coop! Vote now through September 24th!

Entries include:

Racoon: Ollie is 5 months old. Her favorite pastimes are playing with Jackie, her feline BFF, taking naps in her blankie, and eating marshmallows, her favorite bedtime snack.

Cow: Buttercup is a 5-month-old Jersey heifer who loves the camera. And, with eyelashes like that, who can blame her?
Dog Duo: Ricky Bobby and his little sister Izzy are best friends! Well, Ricky Bobby is Izzy’s best friend, anyway. The pair of them love snuggles and treats, just don’t touch Ricky Bobby’s bottom!
Dog: While Chino loves ice cream – I mean, who doesn’t? – his favorite pastimes include playing tuggy, sitting in the rain, and coming home with random, unopened tins of Cesar dog food. No one knows where he gets them.
Cat: Jessica is notorious for stealing bacon right out of the skillet and trying to learn all of Chef Colicchio’s secrets through osmosis.


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