NEW Van Buren Warehouse, Take a look!

As a company, we are always looking for ways to expand, increase our buying power, and improve the customer and member experience. Our new warehouse in Van Buren, Arkansas allows us to do just that.
In last spring of 2020, we broke ground on our new state-of-the-art warehouse. Less than a year later, on January 25th, 2021, we were open for business.

Located off of Highway 282, the new building is home to 75,000 square feet of warehouse space, offices, and additional storage, with plenty of undeveloped land to grow on.

2020 had its share of supply challenges. With the new space, we’ll be better prepared to handle shortages and shipping delays in the future.

Why a warehouse?

The Farmers Coop currently has seventeen retail locations. Warehousing allows us to order larger quantities – usually at a discount – and distribute the product where it’s needed most. Having this level of control over our inventory and taking advantage of bulk discounts makes good business sense.

Warehousing product also puts us in a better position to overcome supply chain issues if and when they arise.

With eight loading docks, trucks are in and out in no time bringing more products for you, our customers, at a better price.

“If we’re able to buy better, our customers will be able to buy better.” – Mike Jeremiah, Central Buyer

Significantly larger than our old location, the new warehouse is far from full, but Mike is working on filling it up.
We’re pretty proud of the new building and what it means for our future as we continue to work toward efficiency.


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