Tru-Test Livestock Waterers at Farmers Coop in Lincoln

Pick up Tru-Test Livestock Waterers at Farmers Coop in Lincoln. Water is one of the most critical elements to an animal and it’s overall health. Animals that drink clean, contaminant-free water are generally less prone to illness and disease, gain more weight and produce more milk. Tru-Test Livestock Waterers are designed to deliver a fresh water supply for your livestock, all year round and make your job a little easier.

Tru-Test Livestock WatererKey features and benefits:

  • Reliable fresh water supply to your valuable livestock, all year round
  • Durable design to withstand even the harshest conditions
  • Energy-free units are covered, to reduce evaporation in summer and freezing in winter
  • Replenishes water often to discourage algae growth and mosquito breeding
  • Easy to access, clean and maintain
  • Reduces waste – effective management of your water resource
  • 8-year warranty


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