Purina Strategy Horse Feeds With Outlast Gastric Support

New Purina Strategy Horse Feeds Product Updates

Purina Strategy Horse FeedsPurina Strategy Professional Formula GX and Purina Strategy Healthy Edge horse feeds now contain Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement.   Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to support gastric health and proper gastric pH. Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement is the foundation of the Purina Equine Gastric Health Program. You can learn more about this program by visiting www.FeedOutlast.com. This program has overwhelmingly positive feedback from horse owners and seen favorable responses in a wide variety of horses. Since gastric discomfort affects so many horses it makes sense to update Purina Strategy horse feeds to include the Outlast Gastric Support ingredients.

Purina Strategy Horse FeedsStrategy horses will benefit from the inclusion of Outlast Gastric Support Supplement in every meal. Horse owners appreciate the convenience and value of effective gastric support included in the feed. New to Purina feeds? Ask us about the FREE Purina® Feed Greatness® Challenge 60-day feeding trial.

You can access the Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Information sheet here. Strategy-Professional-Formula-GX

You can access the Purina Strategy Healthy Edge information sheet here. Strategy-Healthy-Edge




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