Purina EquiTub Supplement for Fly Control

Check out the Purina EquiTub supplement with ClariFly. Say goodbye to flies , and hello to gastric health + optimal body condition.Calling all horse owners, check out the Purina EquiTub supplement with ClariFly! Say goodbye to flies with EquiTub Supplement with ClariFly, and hello to gastric health + optimal body condition.  EquiTub™ with ClariFly®is a premium self-fed supplement for horses.  This easy-to-feed supplement provides consistent nutrition and seasonal fly control.

This is a premium self-fed supplement that provides gastric support, fly control, and consistent nutrition in an easy-to-feed and convenient form. Purina’s innovative horse tub combines 3 supplements into a single product:

  • ClariFly® larvicide is expelled in manure, where it helps control house and stable fly populations by interrupting their life cycle.
  • Outlast® gastric support supplement promotes gastric health and proper pH.
  • Amplify® high-fat nugget to support endurance and bloom.

Find out more about this product here Purina EquiTub Supplement with ClariFly.

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