Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 22

Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 22. Blue and purple feed bag.
Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 22 feed delivers a 22 percent protein calf ration through a combination of proprietary ingredients. It is formulated to support intake, rumen development, digestion and optimal calf growth.

For superior results, begin feeding AMPLI-CALF 22 Starter feed at three days of age along with a full potential calf milk replacer through the first eight weeks of life. Then, after 12 weeks transition the diet to AMPLI-CALF Grower feed through six months of age.

Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 22 feed is a key component of the Purina AMPLI-CALF Program. As a result, it supports growth at every stage. Ultimately, it is designed to develop calves into full-potential, productive cows. The Purina AMPLI-CALF Program is backed by more than 10 years of research, making it one of the most trusted calf programs available.

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Please consult bag for complete feeding instructions.

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