MFA Goat Shield Ration

MFA Goat Shield Ration. MFA logo.MFA Goat Shield Ration is a feed for goats. Feed only as directed.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Guarenteed Analysis
Crude Fat, not less than 3.2%
Crude Fiber, not more than 11.0%
Acid Detergent Fiber, not more than 16.0%
Calcium (Ca), not less than 1.1%
Calcium (Ca), not more than 1.6%
Phosphorus (P), not less than 0.40%
Salt (NaCl), not less than 0.3%
Salt (NaCl), not more than 0.8 %
Sodium, not less than 0.1%
Sodium, not more than 0.6 %
Chloride (Cl), not less than 0.8%
Copper (Cu), not less than 12 PPM
Selenium (Se), not less than 0.7 PPM
Vitamin A, not less than 12,800 IU/LB


Feeding Instructions:
Meat Goats
Pre-weaning/creep (18% protein*)
0.25-0.33 lb
Weaning feed (16% protein*)
0.5-0.75 lb
1 lb
1-3 lb
Gestation (mid)
0.5-1 lb
Gestation (last month)
0.75-2 lb
Lactation (single kid)
0.75-1.25 lb
Lactation (twins)
2 lb
Replacement females
0.5-1 lb
Adult, non-breeding males
0.25-0.5 lb
Dairy Goats
Starter feed (2 to 4 months, 18% protein*)
Ad lib
Growing goats
1-1.5 lb
Dry does (2 months prior to kidding)
1-2 lb
Milking does
1 lb for every 3 lbs of milk
Adult males
1-2 lb
*Using 82.5% MFA goat ration and 17.5% (350 lbs/ton) MFA Natural 36 makes an 18% protein feed starter-kid feed.

Using 90% MFA goat ration and 10% (200 lbs/ton) MFA Natural 36 makes a 16% protein feed.

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