Land O’ Lakes Herd Maker Protein Blend

Land O’ Lakes Herd Maker Protein Blend
Land O’ Lakes Protein Blend is a calf milk replacer. It is formulated with a growth plane of nutrition. This product contains prebiotics to help support a proper balance in the gut. It also includes microbiome to assist calves in breaking down nutrients for energy, as well as addressing health challenges. Herd Maker Protein Blend is enhanced with optimizing technologies. It includes a unique combination of essential oils and flavors. As a result, it is ideal for supporting weight gain.

22% Protein / 15% Fat

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Best Results

Feed 2 quarts, 2 times daily.

Always provide fresh, clean water beginning on day 2.

For optimal results, offer free-choice Purina® AMPLI-CALF® Starter Feed beginning on day 3.

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