ADM MoorGlo

ADM MoorGlo Equine Supplement. Blue and white feed bag. Features horse drawing.ADM MoorGlo is a Premium Hi-Fat, limited starch supplement.

  • Use to “safely” increase energy density of the diet for increased workloads or to add body condition to thin horses
  • Unique combination of fats and digestible fibers creates an energy supplement ideal for horses prone to digestive disorders, laminitis and other sensitivities to starch and sugar (insulin resistance, tying-up, etc.)
  • Highly digestible energy sources may lower the following in comparison to feeding large amount of grain:
    • “Grain-high” disposition
    • Risk of digestive disorders such as tying-up, founder, colic
    • Thermal load (less thermal load means your horse will have better stamina and endurance)

Have questions ADM MoorGlo or other show feeds? Reach out to our friendly staff at any of our local Farmer’s Coop locations. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook for product updates, news and events.


Guaranteed Analysis

14% protein, 18% fat and no more than 14% crude fiber


1-4 oz per 100 lb of body weight daily feeding rate.

Refer to product label for complete feeding directions.

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