Premium Deer Attractants At The Coop

deer attractantPremium Deer Attractants

Are you looking for a deer attractant to bring deer running? You’ve found the right place! Farmers Coop offers a large selection of deer attractants. We have the best brands proven to attract deer.

  • Sugar Beet Crush – 100% real sugar beets blended with beans to lure in that once-in-a-lifetime trophy.
  • Persimmon Crush – New, proprietary double-screened attractant. Double screening creates a fine powder that absorbs & releases far more scent
  • BB2 – The intense, natural aroma is created through a proprietary refining process, Exceptionally high TDN (total digestible nutrition) level, Protein-based formula promotes antler growth, Keeps deer on your property during the season and all year long. Available in bag, block or liquid
  • Trophy Rock Lick –  With 65 natural macro and micro trace minerals, Trophy Rock improves antler growth and overall herd health. It also attracts and holds deer on your hunting property.
  • Buck Jam – This juicy, salty-sweet mineral lick is full of irresistible flavor. Intense aromas attract deer instantly. It comes in a one-gallon jug.
  • Molasses from Evolved Habitats – Natural energy-boosting molasses is a great source of minerals and nutrients for deer. Simply pour over hay, feed or other minerals.
  • Quick Draw Wildlife Block – This wildlife block has an irresistible scent & flavorings that attract and hold big bucks.

Stop by your local Farmers Coop for all your hunting supplies. We’ve got feeds, supplies, attractants and of course, deer corn! Selection may vary by store.


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