Pond and Lake Management Services At Farmers Coop

Pond and Lake Management Pond and Lake Management Services from Outdoor Water Solutions, now available at your local Farmers Coop.  We’ve teamed up with the folks at Outdoor Water Solutions to offer you Pond and Lake Management Services,  Pond Aeration Systems, and other pond products to keep your pond healthy and the fish happy.

Outdoor Water Solution, Inc. a Springdale, Arkansas-based company. They sell a full line of fountains, surface aerators, and bottom diffused aeration systems driven by wind, solar and/or electricity. Outdoor Water Solutions is expanding into pond and lake management services in Northwest Arkansas and currently offer the following services through Farmers Coop:

• Aquatic weed and algae identification and control
• Lake mapping (depth, temperature, DO) testing
•Water quality assessment and management
• Debris and algae removal
• Fountain sales, installation, repair and maintenance programs
• Aeration sales, installation, repair and maintenance programs
• Solar, Wind, Electric and Hybrid aeration
• Pond and lake supplies (Dyes, microbes, herbicides, algaecides)
• Artificial fish habitat enhancement
• Directional fish feeder sales and installation with Optimal branded fish food available.
• Prefabricated and DIY docks for ponds and lakes

Stop by your local NW Arkansas Farmers Coop and talk to our experts about your pond needs.


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