Pick Up Straw Bales at Farmers Co-op

straw balesPick up straw bales at your local Farmers Co-op.  Straw has many uses in the fall and winter months. Create your autumn lawn display or use it as extra seating around the bonfire. Straw can be used as animal bedding, to add extra warmth as the temperatures cool. It is not recommended to use straw as equine bedding, as horses may eat it, causing digestive problems. Got bare spots in your yard or around the barn? Put some straw down to keep the mud to a minimum.

Pick up straw and other supplies at your local Farmers Co-op. We have 18 locations in the River Valley, NW Arkansas, and Eastern Oklahoma. And come springtime, if you have any of these bales left in the barn, try  Straw bale gardening.





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