Boker Knives Now Available At Farmer’s Coop

Boker KnivesBoker Knives of Solingen, Germany are now available at Farmer’s Coop locations in Van Buren,  Fayetteville, Decatur and Lincoln.  Boker Knives makes quality cutlery for kitchen, pocket, Military, Law Enforcement, collecting, and hunting.  If you’re considering a new knife, purchase a Boker Knife and get the best. We think you will like our pricing!

Boker Knives, has been producing knives and tools for over a century and today they are one of the foremost knife makers in the world.  The famous knives with the tree-brand are manufactured in the German blade-city since 1869. Since then, no knife left their production without this sign of quality. The history of Boker has been affected by eventful times, but two things remained: our passion and enthusiasm for extraordinary knives.

boker knivesThe international success of the Boker product line, as well as the long tradition of factory production provides ample reason to continue designing and producing high quality and innovative knives. Boker Knives have been manufactured and designed in Solingen since 1869, providing blades and handle materials of unmatched varieties.

Visit Farmer’s Coop locations in Van Buren, Fayetteville, Decatur and Lincoln and shop our selection of Boker Knives. We’re here to provide expert advise and excellent customer service.