MFA Show Hog Feeds and Supplements At The Coop

Show Hog Feeds and SupplementsMFA Show Hog Feeds and Supplements are now available at your local Farmers Coop. Do you or your child participate in 4H or FFA programs? Let us know! Farmers Coop carries show feeds, additives, and supplements for all your show animals, including MFA Show Hog.

MFA Show Hogs Feeds: Start your project off right with a simple feeding program that provides top-notch performance.

  • Surge – The ultimate first step feed after the purchase of your project. Surge ensures your show pig off to the right start. Its high palatability makes it a must use feed from 50 lbs. and in certain cases all the way to the show.
  • Krave – Feed once a project has reached a weight around 125lbs. Krave earned its name just for that reason: show pigs just love to eat it. Feed from 125 lbs to show.
  • Krank ‘Em – A complete feed with Paylean, offered as an alternative to Krave if needed. Enhances muscle definition and it a safe alternative to any Paylean supplement.

MFA Show Hog Supplements: There are very few supplements you really need throughout the life of a show pig but there are some that can make a difference if used in the beginning.

  • Bac Attack promotes overpopulation of good bacteria in the digestive tract, crowding out unwanted pathogens that hinder performance.
  • Fresh N Up helps keep your pig looking youthful and fresh throughout the entire show season. It gives you improved skin and hair along with a massive show ring bloom.
  • FleshEm Up is a high-quality oil supplement for show ring appeal and that desired fresh look. A soft, fresh look with added skin and hair pop and shine.
  • Shape Em Up Plus™ is unique in the fact that it maintains body and fleshing ability while adding shape and mass.Shape Em Up Plus™ is hands down the most essential supplement to feed if you are in the market for a fresh monster top come show day!
  • Stand Still is the ultimate holding tool formulated by the Master himself to keep pigs full bodied and fresh while limiting the rate of gain. Often imitated, never duplicated… This is the only product that truly allows your project to Stand Still.
  • Purple Rain – High energy show time electrolyte for Show Pigs. Gives your show pig that must-have fresh look on show day.


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