MFA PowerCalf Livestock Management Program

MFA PowerCalfMFA PowerCalf livestock management program is now available through your local Farmers Coop.

MFA PowerCalf is a system that helps beef producers maximize the value of herd genetics and overall management. PowerCalf’s data-collection and analysis tools give producers unique insight to help make informed decisions for breeding, feeding and marketing livestock. The result is a clearer path toward profitable and sustainable operations. PowerCalf gives you a more complete picture of your herd and a clearer vision of how management choices will affect it in the future.

MFA PowerCalf is a strategy to empower beef cattle producers to improve their sustainability by providing the latest and most accurate data-enabled tools designed to maximize both the value of their genetics and their overall production.

MFA PowerCalf has incorporated everything MFA does into a precision livestock management program. PowerCalf provides goods and services, data collection, data management, forage management, genetics, best management practices for your whole cattle herd, and include the Health Track program under that umbrella.

What is Health Track?

MFA Health Track is a Vac 45 preconditioning verification program for beef calves administered by MFA Incorporated for our Cow/Calf producer customers. MFA Incorporated is uniquely qualified for this role due to our ability to supply and verify the purchase and proper administration of all of the products and services required to qualify calves for Health Track ear tags.

Stop by your local Farmers Coop to learn more about the MFA PowerCalf livestock management tools and find out ways to manage your herd for maximum profits.




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