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MazuriShop for MAZURI Exotic Animal Feed at Farmers Coop. MAZURI® Exotic Animal Nutrition is a world leader in quality nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal. Farmers Coop is your headquarters for exotic animal feeds. We currently stock the following Mazuri Feed formulas and can special order any feed from their expansive product line.

Guinea Pig Diet – Mazuri Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet  is a complete life-cycle diet formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of guinea pigs during all life stages.

Earthworm Diet – Designed to be the sole ration for breeding and growing earthworms.

Ferret Diet – An extruded, high energy, nutrient dense, palatable, dry diet, which provides the nutrients needed for complete life-cycle feeding of ferrets.

Tortoise Diet – is a high fiber diet designed for dry land herbivorous tortoises such as gopher, sulcata and Galapagos tortoises. This diet may be used with other herbivorous reptiles as well.

Koi Diet – A floating diet designed for koi in ponds. Mazuri Koi Pond Nuggets are formulated to provide complete nutrition in one product.

Kangaroo /Wallaby Diet – A diet specifically designed for Macropodidae of all ages.

Monkey – Diets for primates are designed for chimpanzees, gibbons, spider monkeys and more.

Mini Pig Youth Diet – A diet designed to be nutritionally complete, balanced diet for porcine species that designed to help young animals off to a healthy start. Specially formulated for young pigs in collections & to meet the needs of exotic miniature pigs.

Mini Pig Active Adult- Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult is a moderate-energy, high-fiber diet for exotic miniature pigs, such as the Vietnamese potbellied pig, and is formulated to help support moderate growth while helping to satisfy hunger.

Mini Pig Elder Diet – A low-energy, high-fiber diet that was specially formulated to meet the needs of exotic miniature pigs, such as the Vietnamese potbellied pig.

Parrot – COLORFUL COMPANIONS® Parrot Blend contains triple-cleaned seeds and nuts to give you a fresh product with high palatability. Vitamin and mineral-enriched pellets also contain feather conditioners designed to give your bird strong, bright feathers.

Alpaca & Llama Maintenance Diet – A diet designed to maintain adult alpacas & llamas in good condition. This product is not designed for growing, gestating or lactating animals or for fiber animals. It’s designed to complement grass or legume hay/pasture.

Rodent Breeder – A diet designed for feeding rats and mice which are maintained in breeding colonies. High producing mice may benefit from using Mazuri Mouse Breeder Diet.


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