Liquid Fertilizer At Farmers Coop

Liquid FertilizerLiquid fertilizer is now availabe at all Farmers Coop locations.  Liquid 32-0-0 and 28-0-0-5 Sulfur are available and other options as well.  Tanks and equipment for full set up are available at the Coop. Want to save time and money? Use your own pasture sprayer!

Liquid Fertilizer is essential to building and keeping a healthy stand of grass. Pastures, haymeadows and lawns have a high need for NPK, and without proper nutrients they will begin to thin. At Farmers Coop, we have the right fertilizers and equipment to meet your grass production needs.

Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer

  • Spray weeds and fertilize at same time
  • More evenly dispersed over your fields
  • Some absorption through the leaf
  • Stable product that stays in the soil as long as granular
  • Can be applied in wet conditions with little volatility
  • Less run off
  • Replenishes macronutrients in the soil structure
  • 20-25% more cost efficient than granular (see below)

With 200 lbs of dry verses liquid the spread efficiency is 20-25% better so at $40/a for Dry
the Liquid form saves you at least $10/a due to even coverage. (see flyer)
This also provides higher crop yield potential as well.

Come see us or give us a call for more information and pricing. We happy to help.


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