It’s Time For Spring Garden Planting

garden plantingWe love springtime at Farmers Coop because it means time for garden planting, fertilizing, and preparing for the bloom of wonderful veggies, flowers and much more.

Come see us for garden seed, garden plants, and soil amendments!  Stop by any Farmers Coop location and let’s get this garden started! Now on hand, we have:

  1. Bulk and small package seeds
  2. Organic Seeds……
  3. Coming soon: Bonnie vegetable plants

Stock up on potting soil, fertilizers, and mulch too!

Tips on Garden Planting:

Having your very own veggie/herb garden isn’t as complicated as you might think, although it does require dedication. The most important part is planning and making sure you have all of the right materials and information. When setting up your space, it’s important to remember a few key items:

  • Do you have enough sun exposure? Vegetables love the sun. They need at least 6 hours of full sun every day, and preferably 8.
  • Know your soil. Most soil can be enriched with compost and be fine for planting, but some soil needs more help. Check with us at Farmers Coop.  We carry a variety of different types of soils and we can help you find the best match for your growing needs.
  • Placement is everything. Avoid planting too near a tree, which will steal nutrients and shade the garden. In addition, a garden too close to the house will help to discourage wild animals from nibbling away your potential harvest.
  • Decide between tilling and a raised bed. If you have poor soil or a bad back, a raised bed built with non-pressure-treated wood offers many benefits.
  • Vegetables and fruits need lots of water, at least 1 inch of water a week. Make sure you have a good irrigation or watering system.

For more information on gardening, come talk to our garden experts at your local Farmers Coop.


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