Imperial Whitetail 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin at the Coop

imperial whitetail mineralGrow ’em bigger with Whitetail Institute’s Imperial Whitetail 30-06 Mineral/Vitamin, now available at Farmers Coop. A deer’s available diet seldom supplies all the minerals, vitamins, and protein necessary for maximum health and growth. which could result in deer that are not reaching their full genetic potential. Regardless of any mineral or vitamin deficiency in your habitat, Imperial 30-06 mineral products provide the principal elements deer need.  Imperial Whitetail minerals come in two different formulas PLUS mineral block.

30-06 Mineral/Vitamin – formula provides the principal elements deer need for maximum health & growth

30-06 Mineral/Vitamin “Plus Protein” –   formula provides the principal elements deer need for maximum health & growth PLUS a 10% protein boost.

 30-06 Mineral Supplement Block –  a blend of necessary vitamins and minerals that encourages a bigger deer population and stimulates antler growth in bucks. Scent and flavor enhancers make this mineral irresistible to deer, bringing them in from all around. Whitetail Institute Imperial Block Deer Mineral easily breaks into pieces for use in multiple locations.

Pick up Imperial Whitetail Mineral and all your hunting feeds, attractants and supplies at your local Farmers Coop.


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