Husqvarna Battery Powered Equipment

Husqvarna battery powered leaf blowers, chainsaws and trimmers are here at Farmers Coop, Southwest Outdoor Center.  The Husqvarna battery powered line packs all the punch of gas fueled machines, but with half the weight, fewer parts and lower operational costs.

Thinking cordless, battery operated equipment doesn’t have the powers to get your job done? Don’t be fooled by the small size of the electric motor. The Husqvarna-developed, brushless motors deliver full torque at low revs, and 25% higher efficiency than a standard brush motor. This means a higher and more consistent torque – even when cutting high, thick or wet grass, and during tree work. The Husqvarna Battery Series offers a unique combination of performance and durability, and the best part is they are completely maintenance-free.

Working with battery-driven outdoor products does not mean you’ll have to compromise on runtime. A single charge of the powerful 36V Li-ion battery allows you to work approximately as long as you would on one tank of gas. Since the charging time is shorter than the usual working time, having an extra battery will enable you to work non-stop.

The initial cost investment of a battery-driven machine from Husqvarna may be higher than the petrol-fuelled equivalent. But the savings from the petrol you’ll never have to buy will soon outweigh that first cost. Furthermore, the lifetime is as long as that of petrol-driven machines, but there are fewer parts to be served and the electronically-controlled drive system means less downtime and low operational costs. In the long run, a battery-driven machine can be a real moneysaver.


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