Gripple Fencing Solutions Now At Farmers Coop

gripple fencingGripple Fencing products are now available at Farmers Coop. The Gripple range of products provide innovative and cost effective solutions for fencing applications. Providing a far superior installation than traditional methods, customers who use Gripple products experience significant time and labor savings across installation, maintenance, and repair.  Suitable for use on mild and high tensile wire, Gripple removes the need to knot and tie cable, and reduces the total cost of fence ownership.

The Gripple Plus range allows for joining, tensioning and repairing of wires, eliminating the need to tie and knot wires and ensuring the integral strength of the fence is never compromised. The patented push-fit system utilizes ceramic rollers to actively grip the wire while under tension, while also allowing for additional tension to be applied at any time.

The T-Clip is a revolutionary solution for securing a fence at an end post, particularly useful on horse and deer fences where space is tight and there are multiple line wires.

In bracing and anchoring applications, the GPAK & DPAK kits deliver high load capacity and simple installation to ensure a professional finish and a secure, stable fence in all conditions.

To ensure the system is installed efficiently with minimal effort, the Contractor Tool offers fencing professionals a very simple way to tension wire, while the Torq Tool is the lightweight accessory which allows you to tension and re-tension time-after-time.

A properly installed high-tensile fence is a strong, clean barrier that controls livestock and will last over 40 years in most areas with minimal maintenance. Stop by your local Farmers Coop for all your fencing products.

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