Purina Fly Control Cattle Mineral

Don’t let flies suck up your profits this year, feed Purina Fly Control Mineral to your herd. It’s no secret the horn fly is a nuisance. Not only do they bite your cattle, but they can also take a big bite off profits. Horn flies normally begin showing up in spring when average daily temperatures reach 65º F for a period of two weeks.  They remain a nuisance until cool weather in late fall or early winter.  At Farmers Coop, we stock  Purina’s Wind & Rain Fly Control Minerals and Purina Rangeland Cattle Minerals to help with fly control. Both minerals work best if they are fed in spring prior to the appearance of flies and continued until cold weather restricts fly activity in late fall.

Use the NEW Purina calculator to see the impact flies have on your herd’s health and performance by clicking here.

Other tips to help you develop an integrated management program for controlling horn flies in your cattle enterprise:

  • Clean and remove fly breeding media in confined areas.
  • Use premise sprays to kill flies in shelter and shade areas.
  • Use pour-on, spray-on, or rub-on insecticides, insecticide dust, or ear tags to control adult flies on animals.
  • Use Wind and Rain Cattle Mineral

Kill those flies before they suck up your profits! Stop by Farmers Coop for your Wind & Rain Fly Control Minerals today! We’ve got 18 locations in Oklahoma, The River Valley, and NW Arkansas.

Source:  Purina Mills


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