Cattle Mineral Tips for Winter

Read our Cattle mineral tips for winter and find out how can you prevent nutrient deficiencies in winter’s cool temperatures.

How can you prevent nutrient deficiencies in winter’s cool temperatures?

By providing a weatherized, high-quality mineral. Purina Wind and Rain Mineral formulations fill nutrient gaps, especially as cows prepare for calving. Using a mineral with Availa 4® 60-90 days prior to calving can help boost colostrum quality and support the development of healthy calves.

Quick, timely considerations for your Purina cattle mineral program.

  • It can be beneficial to provide organic trace mineral sources to cows as they head into the last trimester. Trace minerals can boost colostrum quality and help in the development of healthy calves. Use a cattle mineral with Availa® 4 60 to 90 days pre-calving.
  • If you have dormant forages and are providing cattle supplements, make sure your mineral provides enough phosphorus to meet cattle needs.
  • Tubs can provide a consistently consumed, easy-access form of cattle mineral when weather conditions are variable.
  • It’s common for cattle to get bored and overconsume mineral in a dry-lot setting. Consider mixing cattle mineral into the total mixed ration (TMR) to control consumption.
  • Make sure a cattle mineral feeder is in a winter-accessible location, and keep the cattle mineral feeder clear of snow when possible.

Source: Purina, Kent Tjardes, Ph.D. Field Cattle Consultant


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