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Propane Tank Refills and Exchanges at Farmers Coop

Looking to fill, exchange, or buy a propane tank or cylinder? Come see us at Farmer's Coop.  It’s fast and...

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Pruning Tomato Plants

Learn the why, when, and how of pruning tomato plants from Farmers Coop.  Is there anything better than a fresh...

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Seed & Sow Agricultural Magazine Summer 2021

Seed & Sow is intended to pass on a little knowledge. Whether you’re a major producer or a backyard gardener,...

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Chick Days with Heartland Hatchery

Chick Days are coming to Farmers Coop! Heartland Hatchery will be onsite with assorted chicks, turkey poults, ducklings, and guinea...

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Recycle Cattle Tubs at Farmers Coop

Recycle cattle tubs at Farmers Coop and get $4 off a future Purina Protein Tub purchase! We're helping turn empty...

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Pest Control Options at Farmers Coop

All of our recent rain has stirred up the insect pests and you’re probably seeing them out in force.  If...

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NEW Van Buren Warehouse, Take a look!

As a company, we are always looking for ways to expand, increase our buying power, and improve the customer and...

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Blossom End Rot, Causes & Prevention

That nasty, dry sunken decay on the blossom end of your tomato plant got you frustrated? You’ve staked, tied, and...

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11 Tips To Beat Heat Stress in Cattle

Water, shade, and the right nutrition can help mitigate heat stress in cattle. The weather report says it’s going to...

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Prairie Grove Coop Grand Opening

Join us for the Prairie Grove Coop Grand Opening Event on Saturday, June 12th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.! Come...

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