Bekaerts Gaucho Green Barbed Wire

Bekaerts Gaucho Green Barbed WireBekaerts Gaucho Green Barbed Wire is available at Farmers Coop

When you pasture cattle, a good fence is a necessity. Buy a better, longer-lasting fence with Bekaerts Gaucho Green Barbed Wire, available at all Farmers Coop locations.

Bekaerts Gaucho Green barbed wire is a popular replacement for old-fashioned barbed wire because of many advancements and advantages. Gaucho Green Label  Barbed Wire has the same linear strength but with half the weight of standard barbed wire. Its reverse twist and higher carbon steel reduce maintenance.  With the added protection of Bezinal + paint, Gaucho Green Label looks good while armed to combat rust. A Gaucho Green label barbed wire fence will last four to six times longer than a standard Class 1 galvanized fence and enhance the appearance of your property as well.

Green Gaucho® High Tensile Barbed Wire is made of high tensile steel wire. Bekaert uses a smaller diameter wire while maintaining the same strength as conventional barbed wire. Reverse twist design reduces sagging, eliminates the need for pre-stretching, and allows for increased post spacing, which decreased your labor costs and installation time. Green Gaucho® High Tensile Barbed Wire meets or exceeds ASTMA 121-07 for product standards, as well as, ASTM A 641-03 for zinc coating standards.

Let Bekaerts Gaucho barbed wire helps you save money, work smarter and save time because it costs less, is easier to install and lasts longer … so you don’t have to work so hard. Learn why Bekaert’s use of high tensile benefits you!

Stop by and let our experts help you find the perfect solution for your fencing needs.





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