Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

Attracting Birds to Your BackyardSummer is a season of warmth, vibrant colors, and the joyful chirps of wild birds. For many, there’s something magical about having a variety of feathered friends visit your backyard. Whether you’re an experienced bird enthusiast or just starting out, attracting wild birds during the summer months can turn your garden into a bustling hub of nature’s beauty. Here’s how you can transform your outdoor space into a bird paradise.

1. Provide Fresh Water Sources

Water is a magnet for birds, especially during the warm summer months. Installing a bird bath or a water fountain in your backyard can attract a wide variety of birds. Ensure the water is clean and shallow enough for the birds to bathe and drink comfortably. Adding a few stones or branches inside the bath can give smaller birds a place to perch. Remember to change the water regularly to keep it fresh and prevent mosquitoes.

2. Offer a Variety of Foods

Different birds have different dietary needs, so offering a variety of food can attract a broader range of species. Here are some options to consider:

  • Seed Feeders: Fill them with sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, or mixed seeds to attract finches, cardinals, and sparrows.
  • Suet Feeders: Great for attracting woodpeckers, nuthatches, and titmice. Suet is especially important during summer when birds need extra energy to feed their young.
  • Nectar Feeders: Perfect for attracting hummingbirds. You can make your own nectar by dissolving 1 part sugar in 4 parts water.
  • Fruit Feeders: Slices of oranges, apples, and grapes can attract orioles, tanagers, and even some woodpecker species.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Stop by our store for an expert opinion for your goals. We’re happy to help you out on your bird-watching journey!

3. Create Natural Habitat Features

In addition to food and water, birds are attracted to backyards that mimic their natural habitat. Planting native trees, shrubs, and flowers not only provides shelter but also natural food sources like berries and insects. Consider leaving a section of your yard a little wild to provide nesting materials and spaces. A pile of leaves or a dead tree can offer invaluable nesting sites and foraging opportunities for birds.

4. Install Nesting Boxes

Putting up nesting boxes is a fantastic way to encourage birds to not only visit but also reside in your backyard. Different species prefer different types of boxes, so research which birds are common in your area and install appropriate nesting boxes for them. Position the boxes in quiet, sheltered areas to provide a safe environment for birds to raise their young.

5. Keep Cats Indoors

Cats are natural predators of birds and can significantly decrease the chances of birds visiting your backyard. Keeping cats indoors, or at least away from bird feeding areas, can help create a safer environment for birds to feed, nest, and bathe.

6. Be Patient and Consistent

One of the most important, but hardest steps! Attracting a variety of wild birds to your backyard can take time and patience. Consistently provide fresh food, water, and maintain the habitat features you’ve created. Over time, birds will start to visit your yard more frequently and in greater numbers.

Creating a bird-friendly backyard is a rewarding experience that brings the beauty of nature right to your doorstep. By offering fresh water, a variety of foods, and natural habitat features, you can enjoy the delightful sight and sounds of wild birds all summer long. Remember, every small step you take can have a big impact on the local bird population, turning your backyard into a thriving wildlife oasis.


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