Shield Plus All Natural Feed Additive For Herd Health

Shield Plus is now available at Farmers Coop in Fayetteville, Ft. Smith and other Farmers Coop locations. If you’ve got a fragile newborn or a runt that needs a little extra help, give Shield Plus a try.  We did, and the little black pig in the picture is thriving.shield plus

Shield Plus was released in January 2017. The liquid product delivers MFA Shield feed additive in a new way.  Use Shield Technology to boost your livestock’s immunity and help beat the effects of environmental stress. The all-natural product does not need a VFD. There is no withdrawal period. The pump delivers a measured dose of the new liquid formulation through an easy oral application.

This product will:
•  Support immune system development
Shield Plus•  Support growth
•  Improve feeding behavior
•  Quick source of energy

Dosage (newborn day 1 ASAP):  Calves and foals -10ml, piglets – 2ml,  lambs, and kids – 5ml,  adults, and yearlings -10ml.  Repeat as Needed

Available applicators:  Gray ring-2ml per pump, orange ring-5ml per pump. Bottles come 6 per case of 250 ml and 12 per 60 ml case.