Baby Chicks Arrive Weekly at Farmers Coop Fayetteville



It’s chick season at Farmers Coop! Baby chicks arrive weekly at Farmers Coop in Fayetteville,  beginning with our first delivery slated for April 3rd and ending with our last delivery the week of May 16th.

baby chicksFarmers Coop
417 W Martin Luther King Blvd
Fayetteville, Arkansas
(479) 521-4144

Watch for chick arrival updates on Facebook! We’ll be adding breed and availability information weekly. All baby chicks are pullets, 90% accuracy.

Get all your baby chick and chicken supplies at Farmers Coop in Fayetteville, Arkansas! We have everything you need to raise healthy chicks including chicken hutches, feeders, fencing, waterers, heat lamps and more! We carry starter feeds, regular chicken feed and organic, non-GMO chicken feed.  Stop by and talk to our experts about your flock. Our educated employees can help you choose the right products and feed to keep your flock healthy, happy and productive.

Please note: Delivery dates may vary depending on chick hatch dates; we recommend calling the store to confirm new chick arrivals as well as quantities and varieties of new chicks.

For questions about availability, quantities, and varieties of new chicks, please call Farmers Coop in Fayetteville, Arkansas at (479) 521-4144. We’d love to earn your business!

2 Responses to “Baby Chicks Arrive Weekly at Farmers Coop Fayetteville”

  1. Renee Valentine says:

    I will be buying chicks again this year from the Fayetteville Coop and would like to know what breeds will be available for purchase. As a chicken hobbyist, my budget is limited and knowing the availability will help me not to blow my budget in the first few weeks only to find out later that I could have waited and purchased a more desired breed the next week. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!
    Renee Valentine

  2. Ak479 says:

    Do you have a limit of chicks that you must buy at a time?

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