A New Face in Bulk Animal Feed

bulk animal feedWe’ve got a new face in the Bulk Feed department! Welcome Robb Elliot, to our Commercial Agriculture Center in Van Buren. Robb  is now working with Danny and Pat in Bulk Animal Feed. Next order, give Robb a shout at (479) 474-8051 or (800) 495-3333.

Farmers Cooperative is proud to offer bulk animal feed. Custom mixing available for pickup at our Van Buren location. Bulk feed delivery also available throughout most of the River Valley, Northwest Arkansas, and Eastern Oklahoma.

To schedule a farm visit please email or call The Farmers Cooperative,  (479) 474-8051 or (800) 495-3333.



4 Responses to “A New Face in Bulk Animal Feed”

  1. Jessica says:

    I was interested in pricing on getting bulk feed. Do you carry a bulk feed on hand for horses? Also what are the prices on if have my own mixture made? Thank you for your time

  2. pamela millar says:

    I am interested in the different types of bulk feeds ans products avaible for custom mixing. Do you have a list or brochure?

    thank you

    pamela millar
    RBF Ranch

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