Show Feeds

Do you or your child participate in 4H or FFA programs?  Let us know!  Farmer’s Co-op carries specialty  Show Feeds for all your show animals, including:

Show Chow show feed


Purina Honor Show Chow


Moor Man's show feedMoormans



Showtec show feedShowTec feeds.



Farmer’s and Purina Mills Honor Show Chow are pleased to reward students for their hard work raising and showing animals.  Learn how Dealer Name is involved with 4-H and FFA.  Read how your student can earn Honor Show Chow Rewards, and participate in the Honor Show Chow Top Performers Program.  Let us help you raise a champion show animal!

show feeds winners show feedsShow Clinic Pig picture with show feeds   show feeds

Send in your pictures from the fair! We’ll display them on our website!

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