Baby chicks in grass

Chick Days Mena

Chick Day is coming to Farmers Coop in Mena! Heartland Hatchery will be on site with 25 varieties of chicks, and ducklings, available for purchase including exotic rare breeds, bantams, layer pullet chicks, flyers, ducklings, heritage turkeys and guineas. For a list of breeds and pricing available through Heartland Hatchery Chick Day click here.

Here is what we are expecting:

Brown Egg Layers, Pullets

Rare Breed & Bantams, Straight Runs

Lavender Orpingtons & Black Copper Marans, Straight Runs

Cream Legbar, Pullets

Saphire Gems, Pullets

Dual-purpose heavy breeders, Straight Runs

Fryer Roosters

Silkies, Straight Run

Olive Eggers, Pullets

Welsummer, Pullets

Heritage Turkeys, Straight Runs

Goslings & Ducklings, Straight Runs

Female & Rare Breed Ducklings

Started Guinea Keets, Straight Runs

Pre-orders are available 2 days prior to delivery by calling the hatchery at 660-424-0408 or 660-464-1480. Payment terms are CASH ONLY and please bring your own box for transport.


Apr 19 2024


8:00 am - 10:00 am


Farmers Co-op Mena
318 U.S. 71 S, Mena, AR 71953