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Pasture Weed Control

Proper weed management is one of the most cost-effective practices for range and pasture producers. Weeds cost pasture farmers and ...

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Purina Goat and Lamb Meeting in Fayetteville

Attend our Purina Goat and Lamb Meeting on Tuesday, February 18th in Fayetteville. Come learn the latest and greatest in goat ...

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Fertilizer Center in NW Arkansas

Farmers Co-op Fertilizer Center in NW Arkansas is now open. If you need fertilizer in NW Arkansas, Farmer’s Co-op ...

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Purina Cattle Mineral Savings At Farmers Cooperative

SAVE on Purina Cattle Mineral in February, March, and April at Farmers Coop during our Purina Cattle Mineral special saving event. ...

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Great Backyard Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count 2020 kicks off February 14-17, 2020, and is one birding activity that can be done from literally ...

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