Dirty Dog Doormat Soaks Up Water, Mud & Dirt

Dirty Dog DoormatPick up the Dirty Dog Doormat Noah’s Pet & Wild Bird and keep your floors water, mud, and dirt free!

We can all agree, the only thing more frustrating than cleaning up muddy paw prints in the house is having to do it twice! That brings us to the “Dirty Dog Doormat” (it also works for cats). These 31” x 21” machine washable high count microfiber doormats are 50% more absorbent than the closest competitor. They dry 10 times faster than ordinary doormats and have the “Gripper” backing to help keep them in place. The Dirty Dog Doormat is available in assorted colors

The Dirty Dog Doormat magically soaks up water, mud, and dirt!  With its superabsorbent material, it soaks up to 7 times its weight in water and mud so your floors stay clean and dry. It dries 5 times faster than ordinary door mats and is easy to wash. What’s the Trick? The Advanced Microfiber Technology traps water and mud instantly! Millions of microfiber strands create an extra large super-sponge.

Noah’s Pet also carries the Dog Gone Smart Cat Litter Mat.  The mat solves the problem of messy litter scatter once and for all. This litter mat is a giant super sponge with the wicking power of millions of microfiber strands to pull excess litter off your cat’s feet and trap it into the mat, keeping floors clean and dry.

If you have any questions about these new products, give one of the Noah’s Pet & Wild Bird locations a call or stop by the store. We are happy to help in any way we can!