15% off American Natural Premium Pet Food

Sep ’18Sep

American Natural PremiumAmerican Natural Premium Pet Food is 15% in September at Noah’s Pet & Wildbird in Fayetteville!

Pick up American Natural Premium Pet Food at Noah’s Pet & Wildbird in Fayetteville. American National Premium is the premium pet food without the premium price.   ANP focuses on three main criteria when making their pet food, quality, taste, and price. Choose from nine kibbles for dogs (including three grain free foods); several treats and biscuits; and dry cat food.

About American Natural Premium

Co-packed by Fromm, this pet food contains no corn, wheat, or soy; and no ingredients from China. ANP foods are quality-tested during cooking and before distribution. They purchase their ingredients in small batches, often from local farmers and producers, to ensure quality and freshness. Their foods are cooked in small batches at low temperatures to ensure palatability, digestibility, and the availability of the nutrients. Probiotics are added after cooking to ensure their viability. These are all good things to see in the food you feed your dog.

Feed your pets premium food without the premium price! Pick up a bag of American Natural Premium Pet Food today from Noah’s Pet and Wild Bird in Fayetteville.